Spanish language courses provided by FIDES aim at developing the five core skills (understanding the spoken language, oral communication, understanding the written language, correct drafting of a written text, interaction in conversation) in order to actively use the language in real situations.

Types of course

  • standard language
  • specialized languages (business, banking, technical, medical, etc.)
  • preparation courses for international certificates

Structure of courses

Standard Spanish language courses provided by FIDES are structured in modules, at least two for each of the five levels internationally validated (A 1 – C 1)

How they are organized

  • standard module covers a period of two months, consisting of two hour sessions twice a week.  It is a 32-hour module, organized either in the morning (8 - 10, 10 - 12) or in the afternoon (16.30 -18.30, 18.30 - 20.30).
  • week-end module consists of 24 hours and covers a period of two months and is organized in one session per week that lasts for 3 hours, on Saturday morning or at noon.
  • summer module: Summer courses are organized in modules of 4 weeks, 24 hours in total, consisting of 2 sessions of 3 hours per week, Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday, in the morning (8 - 11, 9 - 12) or in the afternoon (17 - 20, 18 - 21 ).


FIDES courses are taught by experienced university professors specialized abroad on English teaching methodology which they implement at FIDES.


English classes are taught at FIDES in groups or in one to one (professor-student) sessions.

At the end of the course (one module) students are issued a certificate of  attendance upon request, and after completing the last level a free diploma with the value of a certificate of linguistic competence according to the Common European Framework of Reference  which specifies the performance of the course participant at each of the five standard skills (understanding the spoken language; understanding the written language; verbal interaction; building an autonomous speech; written expression).


Spanish courses can be organized at FIDES headquarters – in the centre of Bucharest, P-ta Rosetti, 9 Bd.Hristo Botev or, under a contract, at the headquarters of the requesting institution.

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