Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official titles awarded by Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science in Spain and have international recognition. The exams are designed and organized by Cervantes Institute in collaboration with the University of Salamanca.

FIDES courses for exams to obtain Spanish knowledge diplomas are organized on request, individually or in groups. A standard module consists of 32 hours and runs for two months, for two hours twice a week.
As these are courses organized on request, the starting date of the course, number of classes, frequency of sessions, program, and syllabus will be determined by mutual agreement.

Preparation courses organized at FIDES in order to support these exams are aiming both at improving linguistic knowledge (understanding of spoken language, reading comprehension, ability to communicate orally and ability in writing), and at familiarizing  students with the methodology and technique specific to each particular exam. We mention that the familiarization with that methodology and examination technique is imperative for obtaining good results.

Method and course materials
Courses use cutting edge methodologies and materials (textbooks, exercises, tests) published abroad and designed to prepare for that particular exam.

Fides courses are taught by experienced university professors specialized in the methods taught at Fides.

The following exams can be taken in Romania:

DELE inicial (Diploma de Espanol - Nivel inicial)

DELE intermedio (Diploma de Espanol - Nivel intermedio)

DELE superior (Diploma de Espanol - Nivel superior)