English translations

English is one of the most requested languages in the field of translations, a reason for which the FIDES Centre for Foreign Languages has an important database of translators always ready to meet customer requirements.

Translation services from and into English are addressing both individuals and legal entities and include a wide range of fields:

  • Legal (contracts, diplomas, certificates, invoices, company documents, minutes, judgments, etc.)
  • Technical and Scientific (IT, industry, electricity, medicine, constructions, communications, transport, etc.)
  • Medical
  • Economic (banking, accounting, financial, etc.)
  • Advertising
  • Educational
  • Personal (resumes, diplomas, identity documents, documents of study, employment files, criminal records, immigration documents, etc.)
  • Many others (marketing, human resources, tourism, etc.)


  • We submit translations from/into English to a double verification process (internal and external) and ensure overall unity and coherence
  • We comply with the deadlines required by the customer
  • We offer the material in the format desired by the customer
  • We provide immediate notarization
  • In case of emergencies or phased deliveries, we offer a courier service that can significantly shorten the process and speed up completion
  • We offer Confidentiality

Delivery terms and prices depend on:

  • The volume and difficulty of the text 
  • Customer’s emergency
  • Language group and target language
  • Format requested by the customer

Further Remarks:

  • Prices are calculated based on a reference standard page of 2000 characters plus spaces
  • Minimum amount charged is one page
  • Delivery of the material is made according to customer requirements, in electronic format and/or on paper

To obtain a free price quotation please send the document together with your mentions and data at: traduceri@fidescentre.ro