Online testing - Requirements and Procedures

These certificates that certify the level of knowledge of a language are in accordance with the European standards (from the European Framework of Reference for Languages ) and are internationally recognized. The certificate mentions the performance in the five main standard skills (understanding - listening / reading, speaking - spoken interacion / production, / writing) and the European level on which the candidate stands for each of them.

Certificates are obtained, based on on line tests (written and oral test) against payment, in maximum two days after the examination. On line testing needs a telephone or e-mail ( scheduling.


 Registration requirements:

1. To register by e-mail for an online test, specifying the foreign language, the desired level; we will set, by mutual agreement, the date and time when the test will take place.

2. Upon registration, FIDES will send by e-mail a contract, which must be filled in and signed or approved in writing by e-mail, and a proforma invoice indicating the cost of the testing, which must be paid by bank transfer, at least four working days before the date of the examination. If you want the examination earlier than the four working days mentioned above, an emergency fee of 100 lei applies.

3. The exam is held only under the conditions expressed in this document and after the payment of the fee.

Pre-examination requirements:

4. You must have a computer equipped with an external webcam + microphone, a good internet connection and the installed audio-video (skype) program, writing paper, pen and paper, optional printer, a scanner or a mobile phone / tablet that take clear photos.

5. You must have at least Word 97 or Adobe Reader installed and programs that can play audio files (mainly mp3 files are sent).

6. Make sure that the programs mentioned above work and run properly (open files).

 Examination procedure:

7. At the set date and time you must be in front of the computer, with the audio-video system turned on, with writing paper and pen. You must be alone in the room throughout the examination. The presence of another person leads to the cancellation of the exam. At the set date and time you must identify yourself: present ID / bulletin / passport (with photo) to the webcam. If the person in the identification documents does not correspond to the one taking the exam, the testing will be canceled, and, being a fraud, the cost will not be refunded. The exam cannot be rescheduled.

8. Fides Center will send the written part of the exam online and will indicate the duration provided for each part. You confirm receiving and opening the document online or by phone.

         ATTENTION: Subjects sent online must be opened and printed within a maximum of 10 minutes from receiving them. Failure to open the subjects / print them out in 10 minutes will result in the cancellation of the exam. The equivalent value of the exam is not refunded, and a re-examination involves another cost.

9.  The written tests can be given entirely on paper or partially on paper, partially directly in front of the teacher, together with the oral test; the written tests on paper are given in front of the webcam, with the monitor visible and shared to the examiner. At the end of the provided time, the examinee must show the pages to the camera for a print screen, then scan or photograph the handwritten pages, signed and numbered, and send them online to FIDES center, which will confirm receiving them.

            ATTENTION: After the answer pages are scanned / photographed, they must be sent by email or skype within a maximum of 10 minutes from the end of the test. Failure to submit the results within the mentioned time will lead to the cancellation of the exam and the loss of the tests. The equivalent value of the exam is not refunded and a re-examination involves another cost.

10. After a break agreed with the teacher, the oral test is held by skype. The oral test also partially verifies the authenticity of the written test.

11. In case of a power failure, repeated Internet failure or signal instability / fluctuations, the test is resumed from scratch, at a mutually agreed date. The test can be repeated no more than 2 times! The impossibility to carry out and complete the exam three times results in loss of the paid fee.

 Communication of the test result:

10. The test result will be communicated online no later than 24 hours from the end of the test.

11. The original certificate of linguistic competence issued by FIDES will be sent in electronic format, by email, within a maximum of two working days from the test.


The examination regulations and procedures are Annex no.2 of the contract and are an integral part of it.