Our translation services:

  • Translations in standard language and specialized languages
  • Certified translations
  • Notarized translations
  • Correction and review
  • Collating data, information, various texts and documents.
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • Subtitles

Details about translation services:

Translations from and into standard and specialized languages

  • Legal (contracts, certificates, attestation, invoices, company documents, judgments, etc.)
  • Technical and Scientific (IT, industry, electricity, medicine, constructions, communication, etc.)
  • Medical
  • Economic (banking, accounting, financial, etc.)
  • Advertising
  • Educational
  • Social
  • Personal (resumes, diplomas, identity documents, study deeds, employment files, criminal records, immigration documents, etc.)
  • Many others (marketing, human resources, tourism, etc.)

Certified translations – made by translators licensed by the Ministry of Justice, carrying a stamp. Upon request, we can also provide their notarization and apostillation. On demand, orders exceeding 200 RON for printed translations can also be delivered by courier for free.

Notarized translations – after performing a certified translation we provide, on demand, the legalization of the translation by a notary office. The cost of legalization or super legalization is the one invoiced by the notary, FIDES does not add any commission to it.

Correction - involves bringing a translated text to its correct form; review means checking the correctness of a translation and its stylistic elements; collating means confronting the translation with the original text and signalling potential inaccuracies.

Calculating the fee for translations:

The fee is calculated / negotiated depending on:

  • the language into and from which the translation is made
  • number of pages
  • text difficulty
  • delivery term
  • typing / DTP requirements

*By page we understand the standard page of 2000 characters (characters plus spaces between words); the number of pages is calculated with the function Word Count on the text obtained as a result of translation.
*The translation is delivered electronically or on paper (1 copy) 
*The minimum amount invoiced is 1 page. 
*The fee for legalizing documents is paid separately, in cash, on delivery of the translated work, according to the receipt issued by the notary office.