Bulgarian language courses

At FIDES Centre for Foreign Languages Bulgarian language courses are organized upon request, individually or in groups, divided into modules ranging from beginners to advanced, each module representing a level of knowledge of the respective language. In the group format, courses are organized in 24-hour modules, i.e. one session/week x 3 hours x 8 weeks, Saturday morning. On request, courses can also be organized in a different format depending on the participants’ needs.

The tests that accompany the course (one in the middle and one at the end of the module) help the learner to periodically evaluate their progress and receive advice and help from the professor to cope with their difficulties.


Courses are organized throughout the year upon request.  They begin as soon as a group of at least 5 people is formed. Individual courses can begin anytime.


Bulgarian language courses provided by Fides are taught by native speakers or by experienced university professors, specialized in the teaching methods used at FIDES.

At the end of the course (one module) a certificate of participation is issued, and starting from the level A2 up a certificate of linguistic competence according to the Common European Framework of Reference is issued, which specifies the performance of the course participant at each of the five standard skills (understanding the spoken language; understanding the written language; verbal interaction; building an autonomous speech; written expression).


Bulgarian courses can be organized at FIDES headquarters – in the downtown area of Bucharest, P-ta Rosetti, 9, Bd.Hristo Botev or, under a contract, at the headquarters of the requesting institution.