About Fides

FIDES Centre for Foreign Languages is the first private school of foreign languages established in Romania after December 1989. 

The Centre developed rapidly and became known by the quality and extent of its activity. After 29 years of experience in this field, FIDES Centre continues to be the leader in this field, enjoying  wide national and international recognition.

The Centre organizes foreign language courses in the country and abroad, for individuals and institutions, on its own premises or at companies headquarters, at all levels, covering standard and specialized languages. FIDES is continuously improving its teaching techniques, methods and materials, always in line with the European educational standards. The curricula and teaching/learning methods are flexible and adaptable to the goals of the learner or institution.

FIDES Centre also offers translation and interpreting services.

Moreover, the Centre organizes through its travel agency, FIDES Travel, foreign language courses abroad, as well as cultural trips, holidays and provides ticketing services - www.fidestravel.ro