Learners Opinions

I am the first learner, who enrolled at FIDES courses 16 years ago (this I know because six years ago, when celebrating the first decade of activity ,the FIDES Centre for Foreign Languages gave me the certificate of first learner), where I attended several modules of English. Plenty of years have passed since then and I can say with satisfaction that in all these years, due to the FIDES courses, my life has changed substantially: I attend and participate in international projects, training courses abroad, colloquies and roundtables with international participation.The Fides Centre offered me this indispensable linguistic basis for broadening my professional horizon and personal relationships.
Crina Mihailescu
Library Director of the University of Medicine in Bucharest

The first reason why I decided to start studying English was my frequent traveling abroad and my inability to make myself understood. After attending FIDES courses I am currently using English without the fear of speaking incorrectly or of not being understood. I have reached the Pre-Intermediate level and intend to continue, because as I keep studying, I want to learn more, to reach a more advanced level, and the professor and group colleagues are a great motivation for me.
Mihaela Tutila

In high school I  different foreign languages, but when the opportunity of internship studies in Italy appeared in my university (via the Erasmus program), I decided to learn Italian quickly and well. Therefore, I enrolled in 2003 in the Italian language course at FIDES, which I graduated and the result was not only my participation in the desired internship, but also the familiarization with very rich culture . I established close and lasting friendship with colleagues from Italy, who changed my perception of the surrounding world I also gained self-confidence.
Radu Popescu
Student at Political Sciences – University of Bucharest

I attended German language courses at FIDES. I wanted to work in Germany and not knowing the language was an impediment. German is a difficult language, however after a few months I was able to handle not only street situations, but also work relationships. There are three years since I have been working in Germany and thanks to my knowledge of the language, I have fitted in satisfactorily and my material situation has lmproved fundamentally. I am deeply grateful to the FIDES Centre for what I have achieved.
Dan Cotoroiu
Construction Technician

The Fides courses have the advantage of helping students to learn English thoroughly based on very good textbooks and under the guidance of excellent professors with a great way of teaching in an interactive environment, which is very helpful. Moreover, I had a pleasant and useful experience when Fides gave me the chance to attend a two week course in the UK; my English knowledge was tested and appreciated on that occasion, and in the end I received a merit diploma. I am going to take the test for Cambridge International Certificate soon, which will be a strong asset in my resume, since I already obtained the Linguistic Competence Certificate from FIDES in accordance with EU standards, which meant an additional security for the use of written and spoken English.
Irina Roxana Iordachi

I am a nurse and the situation in Romanian hospitals and the opportunities offered in Italy made me decide after much thinking to go and work there. For this purpose I attended Italian language courses at FIDES. I was extremely content and once I arrived in Italy I received compliments for how well I talked and understood Italian. When I return on holiday I would like to stop at FIDES, to tell them about my Italian experience and to find again the friendly atmosphere that surrounded and encouraged me when I was attending the courses.
Vasilica Dumitrescu

I found out about FIDES courses from a friend of mine. I was reluctant at first: I was thinking about my busy schedule which would prevent me to seriously attending these courses. But just after the first class, I realized that I had made a good choice. Now I can say with certainty that in the few months of FIDES courses I made significant progress in English, and the atmosphere is very pleasant, even after a tiring day at work. FIDES textbooks seem to be very well structured, accessible and adapted to the preparation level of those whom they address.
Luminita Mihailescu Baltag
Legal Adviser

Studying English is and should be a must for anyone who wants to be well informed. For me this necessity arose when I started my career in scientific research. I felt then the lack of thorough knowledge of an international language, so I decided to change that. After having studied all the offers existing at that time in terms of quality and price, I decided to choose FIDES . A strong element in taking this decision was the announcement on the issuance of the European Language Passport. Studying English at Fides helped me translate technical manuals, collecting information from various sources and presenting my works in workshops, symposia and international conferences. I will attend these courses until I obtain the diploma and European Language Passport and I will also recommend it to all those interested in learning international languages in a professional manner.
Ion Mirea
Scientific Researcher

Studying English has become a necessity for me when the technical documentation accompanying the equipment on which I was going to work was delivered in English. Then I realized that I could not handle it alone and I enrolled at Fides courses on the advice of a friend. I have been attending these courses since the end of September 2005 and I am determined to finish them. Even if sometimes it was tiring for me to come to the course after a day of hard work, I assure you that the satisfactions were very high. Studying English helped me primarily at my workplace, in translating technical documentation or gathering information from the Internet, and later in my everyday life, because now I can watch the CNN news or scientific documentaries directly in English.
Alexandra Orlescu
Chemical Engineer